The Adorable Friendship Between a Cute Puppy and a Cute Kitten


This video is very brief, but it manages to do in less than two minute what many videos fail to accomplish in twenty minutes. People will get to see a truly adorable kitten and a cute, very young puppy bond with one another over the course of this video, although they certainly appear to have been friends from the start. There is no narrative here. People are simply watching these two animals bond in the most adorable way possible.

The widespread perception that dogs and cats can never be friends seems to go on year after year, in spite of moments like this. Hopefully, the plethora of videos like this on the Internet will finally shatter that stereotype for good. Dogs and cats can be friends, especially if they bond with each other at a very young age. People on Facebook often can’t get enough of videos like this, and they will always appreciate another one.

Victoria Stilwell