Adorable Huskies Interrupt Woman’s Intense Workout


The woman in this video is obviously in killer shape and does her workouts on a regular basis. In this video, she is attempting her aggressive workout but her two Huskies have playtime in mind instead. As she tries to work out, they give her kisses and even howl for her to play with them. It is so adorable to watch her workout being spoiled by these two furry cuties.

When you see the antics of these two, you won’t be able to help but laugh. They are so full of energy and are not sure what is going on with their owner. Perhaps they think she is attempting to play with them. It is clear they want her to put her full focus of attention on them and them only! These beautiful dogs are a sight to behold. This funny video will have you in stitches. Watch the fun and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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