Adorable Husky Likes to Blow Bubbles in Her Water Dish

This sweet husky is simply too cute for words! When she dips her nose under the water in her water bowl, she begins to blow bubbles in the most adorable way ever. This evidently is a past time she enjoys because every time she gets a new bowl of fresh water, this is what she begins doing. It is so cute to watch her go down each time and then blow her little bubbles. When she comes up for air, she shakes her little head and then goes back down for more bubble blowing fun.

You will love watching this sweet video and you are sure to smile. Sweet Maya loves sitting lazily by her dog dish as she blows bubbles with all her heart. If you love dogs, this is a video you are not going to want to miss out on. Watch it in all its cuteness and then Please SHARE on Facebook.

Kent DuryƩe
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