The Adorable Image of a Deer Being Fed With a Bottle Indoors


Deer are not animals that people will usually imagine indoors. It’s even harder to imagine them feeding from a bottle. However, this video is sure to make those unfamiliar images much clearer. People will be able to watch a woman feed a deer in the comfort of her own well-decorated kitchen.

The woman manages to welcome the deer, demonstrating their strong bond. The deer seems to act like a domesticated animal, coming inside the house and waiting expectantly for the bottle. The deer drinks from the bottle eagerly after the woman casually prepares it. There’s a studied efficiency to the whole situation. The woman even lovingly pets the deer as if the deer is a beloved family pet, which actually might be the case at this point. Videos like this will probably change people’s perceptions of wild animals in general. This is the perfect video to SHARE with Facebook friends, especially the animal lovers.