Adorable Little Boy Finds Out His Dream Of Becoming A Big Brother Is Coming True


The sweet little six-year-old boy in this video has been waiting for a long time to become a big brother. When his mommy and daddy sit him down with an unexpected surprise, he has no idea what is happening right at first. When it finally dawns on him he is going to soon be a big brother, he runs to his mommy and hugs her as tight as he can while sobbing. It is clear this little boy’s dreams have finally come true and he could not be happier!

This little boy is going to be the best big brother ever because he is so excited about having a sibling. He will likely truly appreciate the companionship and will be very protective over the new baby! This sweet video will surely touch your heart when you watch it. If you are happy for this little boy, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can rejoice with him.

Tommy Dooley