An Adorable Little Duck Interacting With Colorful Fish


All videos of animals are popular online, and they tend to be even more popular when they involve multiple cute animals interacting with each other in a priceless way. In this video, a duckling is standing on top of a pillow in a pond full of colorful fish. The duckling is eating from a bowl of rice and is taking in mouthfuls of water in order to successfully eat the rice. However, in the context of the video, it looks as if the duckling is actually feeding the fish.

The fish are indeed swimming all around the duckling in an attempt at getting at the rice. Regardless of the intentions of the duckling and the fish, it all certain makes for an adorable visual. Many people all over Facebook would eagerly share this video with one another, and they would probably all have their own interpretations of what the animals are doing.

Kocaman ─░smail