Adorable Munchkin The Teddy Bear Hits The Pool With His Swimmies


If you have not yet heard of Munchkin the Teddy Bear, you are going to want to check out this sweet video so you can see him in action! He is a sweet pup who dresses up like a teddy bear and goes on fun adventures. As you will see in this video, he is making his way into the pool for a little swim to cool him off from the heat of the day. It looks as if he has put safety first and is making sure to wear his swimmies so he will be safe!

You do not want to miss this adorable dog because he is going to make you want to smile the entire time you watch. He has such as sweet expression on his face as he sits in the pool and enjoys a swim. This is the cutest video you will see today so make sure you watch it more than once. Please SHARE on Facebook.