Adorable Parrot Loves Cuddling With His Owl Puppet


This video is so precious to watch so be warned because the cuteness meter is off the charts! This sweet little parrot is so adorable as he cuddles with his owl puppet friend. As the puppet strokes his feathers, the parrot seems to lean in closer and closer, wanting to cuddle as closely as possible. It is a joy to watch this adorable fella interacting with his owl friend so make sure you watch to the end of this short video.

This parrot is the most beautiful shade of yellow, he almost looks too beautiful to be real! It is a joy to see him enjoying every moment of being with his special owl friend. This soft puppet must give him a lot of comfort and make him feel as if he truly does have a friend. Check out the cuteness and Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can see this adorable parrot and his friend.

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