Adorable Pit Bull Learns to Find Newborn Baby on Command


This video shows a cute and cuddly Pit Bull who is obviously very protective of his owner’s newborn son, Riley. The owner taught the Pit how to perform the trick so every time he asks the dog to find the baby, he goes right to where Riley is, with no distractions. What a cute dog! It is clear this little one will have a fierce protector as he grows older! Although Pit Bulls often get a bad rap, this video proves it is all in how you raise them.

This Pit Bull will likely watch after this baby as he grows and becomes older. Eventually, the two will become the best of friends as they play together. This Pit Bull is clearly talented and can learn a variety of tricks other dogs might not be able to. Check out this Pit Bull’s unique trick and Please SHARE on Facebook for all the world to see!