Adorable Pre-Schoolers Enjoy Playtime In A Puddle


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that are the most entertaining. Just ask these little pee-wees, who happened to stumble upon a puddle while going on a walk. While some people may have gone around it, they instead decide to make a game out of jumping through it. Get ready for your heart to melt a little, because this video is absolutely adorable!

When you live in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, Canada – chances are you’re going to run into a puddle or two. For this reason, the students at the ForestKids Early Learning Center obviously knew how much fun it would be to get their feet wet. In the video, we see a group of teeny children that appear to be going on a nature walk. They’re all wearing green jumpsuits, backpacks, floppy hats, and (thank goodness) their rain boots. In the middle of the road is a huge puddle – so naturally, they begin to hop through it. What’s so precious is that they all line up and take turns. After one child gets to the end, they go get back in line to cross through again (they must have good teachers at that school).