Adorable Rescued Siamese Kittens Get A Baby Sister


The three tiny kittens in this video are too adorable! You will find them so irresistible, you will wish they could be yours. Leo, Brie, and Oscar are only three weeks old and are still being fed by bottle. Now, they are getting a little sister named Valentina. When she arrives on the scene, the kittens enjoy a good romp of playing fun. As they meow, drink from their bottle, and play, you will love every minute of all the cuteness, in all its glory!

Little kittens are so cute to watch, they just make your heart melt! This trio of kittens is in for a rude awakening when they see their sister Valentina enter the scene. What a cute group of siblings that will soon be up for adoption so they can find loving homes! You do not want to miss a minute of this sweetness so watch to the end and Please SHARE on Facebook.