Adorable Rottweiler Shows His Mean Face And It Is Too Cute!


This “vicious” Rottweiler has a mean face that will absolutely make you smile! Although his owner has trained him to make a mean face, you can tell he does not have a single mean bone in his body! He is so adorable as he makes his face, exposing his big teeth as if he is a vicious animal. This is a video every dog lover will rejoice over and want to watch more than once!

They say this breed of dog is a danger to society but you will quickly be able to tell he is anything but. This loveable sweetheart has a difficult time looking mean at all because he is so cute! Although he is successful in showing his grimace to the camera, no one is going to buy that he is mean. What a truly sweet dog this boy is, so make sure to watch and Please SHARE on Facebook.