Adorable Shiba Inu Learns to Act As If He Is Being Arrested


Kibo is an adorable four-month-old Shiba Inu who is incredibly talented at learning tricks quickly. His owner can simply work with him a few times and he learns a new skill. In this video, his owner simply shouts, “Spread ’em!” and then Kibo puts his paws up on the wall and look as if he is about to get patted down and arrested. This cute trick video is one you will enjoy watching more than once!

It is amazing how dogs can learn so many different tricks. Kibo is still quite young and his owner hopes he will continue to amass a wide array of tricks by the time he is one-year-old. This clever pooch is a sight to behold and will have you laughing at his antics. This dog is such a cutie, he certainly deserves every single treat he is offered by his owner. If you think Kibo is truly talented, Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends to watch!