Adorable Shiba Inu Visits the Park With Her Equally Adorable 7-Year-Old Owner


In this video, Phoenix takes her sweet Shiba Inu dog, Kitsu to the park. She and Kitsu have a blast playing on the swings and other fun areas. As you watch this delightful video, you will hear the song, Let Me Tell Ya Bout’ My Best Friend. The backdrop of music makes this video even more adorable. The cuteness level for this video is going right through the roof! It is so cute, you might just find out you want to watch it again.

Phoenix and Kitsu are the perfect pair to enjoy a fun day at the park. Kitsu absolutely adores the swings but her owner says she is not quite happy with the twirly ride. They have a full day of fun and it is all captured on video so everyone can enjoy it. Whether you love dogs or simply love to smile, this is the perfect video for you to enjoy! Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook!