Adorable Stray Puppy Rescued by Singer Song-Writer in Houston


This video tells the story of Arthur Yoria, a singer song-writer from Houston, who rescues a stray puppy.

While driving with his crew, Arthur spotted the puppy, and discovered immediately that she was covered in fleas and in need of some love and care. The dog went for tests, and the doctors came back with plenty of advice and treatment to bring her back to full health.

Since the dog had no owner and wasn’t microchipped, and that Arthur was thinking of getting a dog anyway, Arthur took it upon himself to adopt the puppy.

The singer song-writer thought it would be right to shoot for his new music video at the location where he found the dog. Appropriately, Arthur decided to name his new puppy “Rita Hayworth”, after the late American actress and dancer. He has also named his upcoming single “Ruff Life (Rita Hayworth)”, in tribute to what happened. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.