Adorable Time-Lapsed Video Shows The Difficult Time Mom Has Changing Quadruplets


This is one of the cutest videos you will ever see but it is also one that will make you feel exhausted when you watch it. This young mom has quadruplets and is having a fun time taking care of them. This funny time-lapsed video shows what she goes through several times a day when it comes time to change her four daughter’s diapers and clothing. It is amazing this woman is able to function normally after such hard work!

What an adorable video memory this will be when these girls grow up! It is so funny to watch them rolling about as mom tries so hard to get them back on the blanket and keep them there. You will laugh out loud when you watch them in action! As each one rolls around and tries to get into mischief, mom stays patient the whole way through. Check out this funny video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

Gardner Quad Squad