An Adorable Yellow Labrador Puppy Plays on a Ramp


A video that involves an adorable yellow Labrador puppy is already going to have a certain degree of intrinsic appeal. If that video also features a cute little girl, its intrinsic appeal is just going to go through the roof. Really, the only thing that could make it better would be if either participant in the video did something that was also cute, which is very much the case in this video.

The yellow Labrador puppy is positioned right on top of a short ramp. After being gently coaxed to do so, the puppy slides down it while people in the background giggle. This is one of those moments that used to be confined to home videos. Today, it is available for everyone to see for themselves. This is certainly the sort of video that should have a very broad appeal all over Facebook, given the extreme cuteness of the proceedings.

Dougie Ferguson