Was Afraid that She Would Fall!!!


In one of the most moving modern dance pieces in recent memory, two dancers perform the iconic lost art of Pas de deux. This ballet two-step is often overlooked when it comes to modern entertainment, but the producers at Le plus grand cabaret du monde (the French version of America’s Got Talent) will not let them be overlooked any longer.

Host Patrick S├ębastien refuses to let this talent be go by. Despite what the critics say, this classic form of dance is here to stay. Witness the drama, the excitement, and the unity of two of the best dancers in the modern era. This is truly a tribute to the most basic of humanistic experiences.

It’s hard to deny that there is palpable excitement in the air. What if she were to fall?! The embarrassment would be terrible on national TV. This, combined with the beauty of the dance, is what makes the entire spectacle so exhilarating.
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