AFV Celebrates Nine Dads and the Little Ones They Love


This video is one of the cutest ones you have ever seen from America’s Funniest Videos. This compilation celebrates some of the most adorable moments between these fathers and their babies. When you see this video, you will start smiling the instant it begins playing and will find yourself continuing to smile long after it is over. What beautiful moments caught between fathers and their children!

These videos serve as a reminder that dads play an extremely important part in a child’s life! It is clear these fathers love their children just as much as their children adore them. There is something so sweet about seeing a little one with their doting daddy that just brings a big smile to your face. These little ones are clearly very blessed to have fathers who adore them! It is sure these videos will be treasured by these fathers forever. If you love the moments in this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.