Allow These Kinetic Sculptures to Completely Mesmerize Your Eyes


Anthony Howe is a sculpturist that has an eye for beauty. His kinetic sculptures sometimes reach higher than twenty-five feet and all of them are powered by nature. When the wind begins to blow across his beautiful works of art, they come alive! You will be astounded as you see each component moving in perfect composure so it comes alive. These works of art are like nothing you have ever seen before or likely will again!

As you watch this video, you will be amazed at Anthony’s talent. His sculptures sell for as much as $250,000, depending on how large they are and how much time he has put into them. Amazingly enough, his success has come from word of mouth. As you watch each of these sculptures respond to the wind, you will not be able to turn your eyes away from the screen! After watching, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can know about his talent

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