Amazing Bear Walks On His Hind Legs Just Like a Human!


If you are ever in this New Jersey town, you may get quite a surprise when you see this bear walking around as if he is a human. When the bear first arrived in town, residents thought he was a human in a bear suit, attempting to play a prank. When more than one sighting began to occur, wildlife officials viewed the video and decided this was, in fact, a real bear.

It turns out this poor fellow walks like a human because he has no choice. It seems he injured his front paws and is unable to put much weight on them, for long periods of time. Bears are completely capable of walking on their hind feet. It is amazing to watch this video and see him moving around as if he is a human! If you think this bear is truly adorable, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see this amazing bear and his unique way of walking.

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