Amazing Crossbow Performer Aims an Arrow at Simon on Britain’s Got Talent


This video clip is from Britain’s Got Talent. American, Ben Blaque is here to audition for his spot in this talent show competition. When he comes out to the stage, the judges are wondering what kind of talent he will be bringing. When he brings out his trusty crossbow, you can see the looks of concern on the judges’ and audience’s faces! This act is a dangerous one and very much real! When you see how skilled this man is at shooting, you will be amazed.

When Ben says he needs some help for his act at the end, everyone is amazed when he asks Simon to come up to the stage. Right in the line of fire, Simon stands there and allows the man to shoot an arrow towards him while he is blindfolded. If he misses, Simon could be gravely injured! This is an audition you have to see to believe! If this performance stopped your heart, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to see.

Britain’s Got Talent