Amazing Dancers at Africadançar 2011


Amazing dancers Tony Pirata and Cherazad performed at Africadançar 2011 in Portugal.

The upbeat song they performed with is “Essa Quer Me Matar” by Rei Helder.

The sexy dance shows the passion needed for two dancers to perform best with spanish songs.

Africadançar is the biggest Kizomba hosted event, where people come for the parties, workshops, and of course the competitions.

It is a large event, and often crowded but worthwhile. Talented dancers rise up for the occasion and perform their favorite spanish songs, while a gathered crowd cheers them on.

The winners recieve prizes, and praise from their opponents and the crowd.

Pairs are the most common form of dancing in the spanish community.These dancers showed up and performed with their A-game to be the best dancers. it is unknown if they won any awards for their hard work and dedication.

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