Amazing Dog Transformation


This video features a rescued bait dog, named Cadence, that undergoes an amazing transformation. When the rescuers found Cadence, she was collapsed from exhaustion. She was suffering from many wounds, and she was about to lose her eyesight. Cadence was extremely lucky that the rescuers found her when they did, or else she may not have survived the night with her extensive injuries.

The rescuers brought her in for surgery to fix her eyes, as well as treated her other wounds. Cadence is now both happy and healthy, and she enjoys the companionship of her human friends, as well as some other dogs that have been rescued as well.

One of the most surprising parts of Cadence’s transformation is how gentle she is, especially with children. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to view this video, and it would be great if you could share it on Facebook as well.