Amazing German Shepherd Protects Seven-Year-Old From the Bite of a Rattlesnake


Everyone knows dogs are man’s best friend. In this video, you will learn how protective they can be. When this little girl was playing in her yard, she had no idea of the danger that lay ahead of her! Unfortunately, there was a deadly diamond back rattlesnake lurking in her backyard. Thankfully, her German Shepherd saw the snake and immediately went into protective mode. You will be amazed at the bravery of this heroic dog as you hear how he fought off the snake and protected his young owner from being bitten!

This video proves how brave dogs can be when they are fearful their owners are in danger. The poor dog was bitten three times while trying to protect his owner. Because of his bravery, the little girl did not suffer any bites! The treatment cost for this poor dog has risen to the thousands, but thankfully, many have stepped up and donated. Watch this touching video and then Please SHARE on Facebook.