An Amazing Gymnast Group Performs Well On Britain’s Got Talent


In this episode of Britain’s Got Talent, you will see is a very exciting performance! A gymnast group by the name of Spellbound will blow you away with their amazing performance. As the video starts, the group is being interviewed before they take the stage. This very large group works well together and as you will see they are more like family than teammates.

As they take the stage, the crowd starts cheering even before the music starts! Then they twirl around and flip into the air. These stunts are really hard to do and you can tell that they have practiced for many years to be able to do this.

Both male and the female performers are very strong and their act is one that everyone seems to love. At the end of their performance, the judges all agree that this group should move on in the contest. Please SHARE this amazing video with your friends and family on Facebook!