Amazing Labrador Dog Saves Owner’s Life


This video tells the incredible story of a dog which managed to save the life of its owner.

Shannon Locke from County Down in Northern Ireland suffers with epilepsy – a condition which causes seizures. Luckily for her, Poppy, a two-year-old Labrador, is on hand to protect her.

The clip shows Shannon having a seizure, one that could have killed her had Poppy not been there. Noticing via her sixth-sense that Shannon was not well, Poppy started to paw her in order to warn her. And, as her owner began to suffer even more, Poppy starts to lick her face in an attempt to stop her from choking. Eventually, Shannon calms down and tries to pet Poppy.

While Shannon managed to get this incident on video, it’s not the first time Poppy has been there to help her during a seizure. Amazingly, Poppy seems able to predict when Shannon is about to have one, and is always there to protect her.

The doting dog Poppy really is Shannon’s guardian angel, proving once more that dogs are man’s best friend Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

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