Amazing Teen Acapella Group Astounds the Judges of America’s Got Talent


This group of high school teens is absolutely going to astound you when you witness their full audition on America’s Got Talent. Each of these students possesses a talent that is amazing to hear and without any musical accompaniment, they are able to blow the judges and the audience away with their musical styling. Mel B was amazed and said she could clearly make out all twelve parts in the group.

It takes a tremendous amount of talent to be able to sing without any music. With these twelve voices rising together, you do not miss the music at all! Not only are these guys and gals passed through by the judges, one of the members offers a special surprise at the end of the video. Before the video is over, one of the members reveals his crush and asks her to the prom. You will have to watch to see her answer and then Please SHARE on Facebook.

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