Amazing Video Shows Marine Core Kids Showing Deep Respect During the Playing of Colors


This video shares a moment when a group of children is playing on the playground of a marine housing base. Like any other children, they are thoroughly enjoying the swings and their time of play. When these children hear Colors begin playing, they immediately stop what they are doing, get off their swings, and stand in attention and respect! In a time when American patriotism is at an all-time low, this is the kind of video that needs to be shared!

It is amazing to see such young people knowing the importance of respect. When they hear the music begin, it is clear to see they know exactly what they need to do to show their patriotism and respect. This video will renew your hope for future generations and help you see all is not lost. These children are obviously a product of parents who raised them right! After watching, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook for others.