Amazingly Heroic Bus Driver Saves Two Lives Without Realizing It!


As a bus driver, Murray works tirelessly each day to provide transportation for his passengers. In 2015, he had no idea one of his passengers would need him to be much more than her driver. As Shannon collapsed from a massive heart attack, Murray sprung into action and began to perform CPR, something he had learned thirty years earlier. In this video, you will be privileged to witness the miracle that arose from Murray’s efforts.

This touching video shows how anyone can become a hero. When Murray began performing CPR, he had no idea there was a little one in Shannon’s womb. At the time, she was six weeks pregnant. Because of Murray’s efforts, Shannon was able to recover and deliver a healthy baby this year. This precious little newborn was gifted with a heroic namesake that will always allow him to remember his lifesaving hero! Watch this video and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can be touched by this beautiful story!

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