Amazingly Uplifting! Watch as Schoolkids Give a Toddler the Gift of a Lifetime


This is a video that will surely brighten anyone’s day. A group of technically savvy teenagers has put their skills together in order to better the lives of the people around them.

In this case it is a precocious little toddler who has had a defect with his hand since birth. The disability was taking a serious toll on the family, leading them to consider all different kinds of options. Luckily schoolkids decided to take on the task and make sure that this child had an amazing life.

It’s a story that is both touching and interesting. Too many people think negative things about today’s youth. This is just one of many examples where teens make the world a better place. The use of the 3D printer has changed every aspect of modern living, and it will only become more prominent in the coming years and decades.

Though while many people are focused on building Iphone cases, these teens were focused on changing a life.