Amber Alert Saves a Toddler’s Life from her Abductor


Watch this video to find out more about the amber alert that saved 2 year old Brooklynne Adams life. Steve Adams spotted a car that looked familiar to him. The driver was the alleged killer of his ex-wife and kidnapper of his daughter. The driver’s name was Tyler Enix.

A call to the local authorities and the issuance of an amber alert led to the quick capture and arrest of Enix. The arrest led to the safe return of Adams’ daughter. Enix awaits trials for both murder and kidnapping. It is nice to see that such a sad story can at least have a somewhat happy ending. While we mourn the death of one, we are glad that the police were able to safely rescue Adam’s daughter.

It is situations like this that show just how important our police really are. Thank you for watching this video, and we would really appreciate it if you could SHARE it on Facebook as well.

ABC News