Man Attaches A Scary Halloween Prop To A Drone And Everyone Runs in Fear


Since drones are now available for people to purchase fairly inexpensively, people are making up all kinds of crazy uses for them. In this video, you will see a drone flying around with a scary ghost prop on it. It makes it look as if a ghost is flying around. Scaring kids on Halloween just went high-tech to the max! Can you imagine seeing this flying around your neighborhood at night?


Although this is a creative way to use a drone, is it entirely safe? Imagine if someone was driving along and saw this scary thing flying towards them and had a wreck! If this was flown in a safe area, away from drivers, it might just be scary fun. This is quite hilarious to watch flying around so do not miss out on the video. To scare your friends, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook for a little pre-Halloween fright.