Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly Perform “The Prayer” With a Full Orchestra


This video is amazing to watch because it features one of the greatest voices of the century. Andrea Bocelli is a master performer who never ceases to amaze his fans. When he teams up with Tori Kelly in this video, the results are mind-blowing. As the two perform live before their audience they do not miss a single note of “The Prayer”. This is a joy to watch and will soothe your very soul! Make sure your speakers are nice and loud.

These two performers are accompanied by a masterful full orchestra that blends so flawlessly with their voices. This is the kind of live performance that simply gives you good chill bumps and makes you want to hit replay several hundred times!

What a joy to watch these two incredible talents come together. After you have enjoyed the song, Please SHARE on Facebook so the entire world can hear the beauty of this performance and enjoy every moment.

Tori Kelly