Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly Perform “The Prayer” Live in Seattle


Andrea Bocelli is one of the most beloved Italian performers of the century. Though he is blind, he has never allowed his disability to stop him from doing what he loves, which is singing. While his style is classic, he has been able to secure many crossover hits and “The Prayer” is one of them. This video shows the live performance of Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly. With each singing their own part, this song is more beautiful than ever!

When you see this video performance, you will be amazed to hear their vocals blending so flawlessly together. This song speaks of so much hope and it is awesome to hear Tori sing in English and then Andrea singing in Italian. Do not miss out on this rare live performance because it will be one you will never forget. After you have watched, do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so all can witness this beautiful performance.

Tori Kelly