Angry Mom Pays Off All Students’ Lunchroom Debt After Her Son Was Denied Lunch


This video will likely make you angry! We are seeing a growing trend across the country where children are being denied their lunches because they owe money to the cafeteria. The young man in this video owed $5 and when he was given his lunch, a lunchroom staff member jerked it out of his hands, embarrassing him in front of the entire cafeteria. When his mom found out, she was so angry she immediately went to the school to find out what was going on!

When this mom paid off her son’s lunch debt, she also helped every student in the school by paying off the full debt owed. The reason she did this kind act is because she did not want another child to suffer the way her son did the day he was denied his school lunch! What a kind act this woman did for students she does not even know! After you watch, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.