Animal Rescuers Reunite a Mother Cow With Her Calf


The maternal instincts of animals still don’t get discussed enough, even though they clearly have them, and their maternal instincts are comparable to those of humans. The animal rescuers in this video liberated a cow without being told that she had a calf. She then experienced terrible separation anxiety as a result of being separated from her baby. Fortunately, they were able to use their resources and boundless compassion to be able to get the baby as well, reuniting them and making things right.

This video demonstrates the complications that can arise in animal rights in general. It also demonstrates the scope of animal cruelty, and the ways in which animals can be in pain other than the sort of physical pain that tends to make the news more often. The animal rights people in the video also demonstrated the scope of their own social consciences. People on Facebook may find this video inspiring.