Animals Appreciate Music, Even if They Are The ones Making it.


We have seen videos before of animals enjoying the music, howling at it, or even dancing to it around the room. This little doggy takes it to the next level by getting on the piano himself. While standing on the bench he reaches up with his front paws and starts to play the piano.

No it’s not quite what you think, as no true melody comes out of the piano other then a few tones as the keys are pressed down. But that doesn’t seem to stop the dog from singing his own tune along with the music he is creating.

Whether it is from his own excitement or he is truly testing out his voice, he presses on the keys and then tries to sing in the same note. This happens a few times in the video until the dog gets down and appears to be thinking about his musical score.

It’s a short video that will surely show you that mans best friend has an ear for the tunes.