Annika Verplancke Performs Flawless Ballet/Hip-Hop Mashup Dance


This video features Annika Verplancke who is an amazing dancer that will blow your mind. From her costume to her moves, this performance has been carefully planned to show two opposite sides of the dance spectrum. In this Ballet Verses Hip-Hop dance number, she embodies both styles so beautifully. It is amazing how her dance number flows and you will not be able to believe your eyes!

This young girl is only thirteen years old and is competing in the Youth America Grand Prix 2015 European Semi-Final that was held in Paris, France. If you love dance numbers, you are not going to want to miss this brilliant performance by this young girl. Can you even begin to imagine the work that must have gone into making this fabulous choreography? Who would have thought ballet and hip-hop could blend so flawlessly together. After you have watched the video, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.