Anytime Anyone Walks In, This Dog Makes A Happy Dance. The Reason Will Warm Your Heart


What can compare to love and compassion that we get from someone we love and care about? Or maybe a pet?

Well, in the clip below, we see a dog that displays such affection. The dog is in the rescue shelters cages. The dog misses the love it received from one family while it was still a puppy. The dog hopes that someone will adopt him.

The challenge is that the shelter homes cannot release a large number of dogs at the same time. It means that most of them have to be locked in the cages till someone adopts them. It is a difficult to time for the dogs, but they are safe in the shelters.

On this particular day, the dog was caught on camera doing something amazing. Anytime anyone came into the shelter; the dog danced to them in the bid to attract their attention. The dog is one of the few animals that are not scared of human interaction. Probably, it is because no human has hurt him before. The dog believes that human beings are compassionate. We hope someone adopts and shows some love to the dog.

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