Lithuania Impresses The World With Their Eurovision 2020


At this year’s Eurovision 2020, there will once again be a diverse set of songs. These days, Lithuania has selected a song and music artist to represent their country at this year’s Eurovision held in the Netherlands.

Many online commentators wish Lithuania celebrated its victory with its choice!

The selection for the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Rotterdam this year, thanks to Duncan Laurence, who brought a first win to the Netherlands last year with the song “Arcade”.

Eurovision Song Contest

Lithuanian band The Roop, with singer Vaidotas Valiukevicius in the forefront, also picked up their song these days, triggering a real euphoria with the song “On Fire”. Many listeners wrote in a comments section that Lithuania must win this year and even bookmakers are in its favor.

Lithuania is ranked sixth, with only Australia, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Italy before it. Listen to the song “On Fire” that Lithuania sends to the Netherlands for Eurovision 2020!

Source: KlIPLAND