‘Asia’s Got Talent’ Contestant Sidney Uke Blows Judge Away with Ukulele Performance


Do you remember singing when you were just 12 years old? Would you have done it in front of a huge audience like the television reality competition, Asia’s Got Talent? Maybe that’s why this young lady decided to tell the judges that she wasn’t confident singing, and that she wasn’t going to do that… but in this video, she sure had the confidence to bring her ukulele and wow the judges with a spectacular performance.

As young Sydney Uke from Thailand took to the stage, she seemed a little shy and reserved. But, as soon as it was her turn to start her performance, she just dazzled the judges and the audience with her immense talent. I’ve never seen anyone play the ukulele with such heart and emotion, and still captivate the audience at the same time. There is no way to describe the natural star quality that Sydney has, it just shines naturally and it’s something you have to see for yourself.

For many people the ukulele may just be like a toy – as one of the judges duly noted – however, regardless of how you feel about this type of instrument, there is no one who can deny that this young lady plays it like a master. Watch the video and see just how amazingly talented this girl is.