An Astoundingly Heartwarming Tribute to a Faithful Friend


Many people are wonderfully close to their pets. They will grieve and mourn for them the way that they would grieve and mourn for all other loved ones. Photographer Ben Moon was clearly extremely close to his beloved dog Denali, who tragically passed away all too recently. He created a stunning video tribute to Denali after he died.

This video is gorgeously shot. It is as artistic as it is heartwarming. It has better camera work than some of the films that people will see in theaters. People will hear all about Ben Moon’s history with Denali, which will give them some real context when they go on to hear about what happened to Denali. Ben Moon talks about everything in a straightforward manner that still manages to get across a lot of emotion. People all over Facebook would want to see this video, and many of them are probably going to start crying during the video or afterwards.