Australia has Everything Except You

This video tells the heart warming tale of Esme and her family who moved to Australia six months ago. They had to leave their grand parents behind and that makes Esme sad. With the help of British airways Esme and her sisters made a video of their new life; showing them swimming, colouring in and exploring. The whole story is told from the children’s point of view and is very cute and entertaining.

Back in the UK, Esme’s grandparents went to the cinema, but they had no idea what they were about to watch. When the film started they realised they were watching their family and it was quite emotional for them. British airways then very generously presented them with two tickets to Australia.

At the end of the video we are able to see the family being reunited. This is an advert for British Airways and the tag line is ‘Australia has everything except you.’ It is an uplifting tale and is one that many people can identify with.Please SHARE┬áin Facebook

British Airways

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