Australian Acrobats Beautifully Perform at the 2016 FIAC


The International Contemporary Art Fair is held every October in France and is one of the premier events for artists of all types and from all countries. In this video, you will see a pair of Australian girls who are showing their acrobatic talent for all the world to see. With each high flip or acrobatic pose, they amaze the audience, never once faltering in their performance. It is clear these two have worked very hard for the honor of performing at the FIAC!

In each moment of this video, you will see how closely they move together in perfect synchronicity, almost as if they are one person. It is truly a beautiful performance and one most people will not be able to forget. When these two young girls begin to tumble across the mat, the audience is thrilled and you will be too. Check out their FIAC performance and Please SHARE on Facebook.