An Autistic Boy Receives a Miracle From a Most Unexpected Place!


In this video, we learn about Zack who is a young autistic boy who once was in a dire situation. His condition affected him to the point he wanted no one to touch him and he could not interact at school.

His teacher stated he would ball himself up in a ball to prevent anyone from looking at him or touching him. Zack’s parents knew they needed help, but they had no idea that help would come from a prisoner convicted of murder. As you watch this video you will learn about a convicted murdered named Chris and how he is working to change the lives of children. He helps to train service dogs and educated himself on how to train a service dog for autistic children.

Through this video, it is clear to see help sometimes comes from unexpected places. Once you have enjoyed this heart-warming video, make sure to SHARE it with your friends on Facebook.

ABC News

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