Autistic Reporter Captures Channing Tatum’s Heart In Her First Interview


The young woman in this video is a YouTube sensation who has written a book about her life. At the age of only two years old, she was diagnosed with severe autism and is nonverbal so she speaks through her computer. When she was able to book Channing Tatum on her first interview, she was blown away that he was willing to come on her channel and speak. She quickly won his heart while interviewing him!

This is an adorable video to watch and will have you grinning from the moment you see the interaction between these two. When she asks him would he consider dating a twenty-one-year-old with autism, his reaction and answer were priceless but her’s was even more so! If you are a Channing Tatum fan, this video is going to make you love him all the more. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook so other fans can see.