This Awesome, Homemade Truck Tent Will Save You Hundreds!


Nothing is better than having the kids unplug for a few days and going camping. But, while showing kids few skills on how to survive in the wild is a great idea, clearing the ground to pitch a tent isn’t always fun. That’s why this video on how to make this cool PVC truck tent that Karen put together is such a great idea! Made from simple materials and for less than $25, this is something anyone can put together on their own.

For their wild camping excursion, Karen bought some PVC pipe and simply glued the elbows on to construct an easy-to-assemble frame for her short-bed truck. She then covered it will a tarp she already owned (about $10 if you don’t have one), and fastened it down with some rubber coated bungie cords. To make sleeping a little easier she also added a queen-sized air mattress for comfort, but all in all it was an easy project that was put together in very little time. Plus, if you’ve priced out truck tents, you know that this little project can save you hundreds of dollars.

Also on the agenda? Dinner… but I’ve never seen anyone do what she did before. If you want some fresh, hot bread the next time you go camping, buy some pre-packaged dinner roll dough, wrap it around a stick, and cook it over the fire. What an awesome idea,especially when you have young kids. Check out how easy it is to make your own truck tent, and please SHARE this video on Facebook when you’re done!