Awesome Singer Performs ‘Come Some Rainy Day’ in Kentucky


Some moments are just completely magic, and Wynonna Judd delivering a stirring rendition of ‘Come Some Rainy Day’ to her sister Ashley Judd in Kentucky back in 2000 was one of those treasured moments. It’s astonishing that Wynonna managed to stay composed in what was truly and emotional occasion.

It’s an awesome song that serves to pull at the heartstrings of anybody who has a sibling, and especially for somebody that has lost one. The lyrics are touching and relevant, particularly for people who enjoy or have enjoyed very close relationships with their siblings.

As the performance drew to a close, many of the crowd had been brought to tears and they gave Wynonna a well-deserved, but tremendous round of applause. Anybody in the arena were given a moment that will live with them for a long time.