Awesome Young Girl Delights Baseball Crowd When She Sings National Anthem


Singing the national anthem is perhaps the hardest job that a young person can do – especially when they are faced with a big crowd. But this girl, who is only 15, was not brought down by any nerves when she sung the national anthem in front of a baseball crowd at the Peoria Sports Complex.

Young Emma was interviewed before her big moment, and was asked whether she had any nerves. She promptly replied no, stating that she never feels any nerves when singing the national anthem.

And we had no reason to doubt her. Once she got the microphone in her hand she wowed those in attendance with a brilliant rendition of the famous song. With a voice like that, it is fair to say that if she wants a career in singing, she could well have one. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

FOX 10 Phoenix